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Religion and Theology
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Religion has been and continues to be an integral part in the society as it has played a crucial role in instilling morals that are to be followed by members of the community.


Various charismatic and religious leaders are known to have brought about change, for example, Martin Luther King, who is seen to have played a crucial role in liberating the blacks. Religious leaders are known to have some sort of control on the members of the society, implying that people will follow their directives in the effort of bringing about change in the society. Various scholars have come up with theories that explain how religion acts as a radical force for revolutionary change, and give examples from various actions of church leaders, which have shown that religion has the command to change the status quo, e.g., during the apartheid when Archbishop Desmond Tutu fought against it (Idinopulos). The society also depends on various religious bodies and institutions to lay down rituals and values on the society, and this plays a crucial role in bringing unity in the community (Gerrie and Tsuruoka 14). In most families that follow some religion, at a tender age, children are brought up with values from the church and they are introduced to the religious side of life, and this guides their behavior and how they grow up. Families will rely on religion for moral socialization of their children, which enforces a sense of ethnic identity and morality, which they will take up for the rest of their lives. ...
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