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Religion and Theology: Islam in Europe Introduction Ever since Muslim immigrants started entering Europe, Islam has influenced Europe in all aspects. After the Second World War, European citizens saw propagation of a new faith, which, in gradual course of time became the largest minority group.


The chief among them is that Islamic law differs from the laws of ‘first world’ countries of Europe, and that Islam dominates lifestyle and culture of millions of Muslims in Europe (Roald, 2001, p 295- 296). Islam: Family Law The Islamic family law does not support the ‘liberal -minded ‘European family law. In European countries family laws support step families, unmarried spouse, nuclear families, free mixing of both the sexes, and above all, the equality of sexes. Conventional Islamic law holds male members of a family to be superior compared to their female counterparts. More importance is given to them and they also hold decision making power. Also, Islam propagates the doctrine of large family with many members (BuChler, 2013, p 100). Many orthodox Muslim families in Europe still abide by the Islamic family law which separates the rules and rights of women from men. However, in European countries like Bulgaria, modern age Muslim families are denouncing secularism (Ghodsee, 2009, p 5). The newer generations of Muslims are more in support of ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘tolerance’ policies that are held by European nations. They are not much affected by the fact that predominantly Islamic nations like Egypt has stressed CEDAW, 15th and 16th article denying formal equality of rules and right among men and women. ...
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