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Augustine's " The Confessions"

Since he was an adolescent, he constantly struggled with lust, and this has inspired him to address the issue of love and lust deeply. It is by through formal education and being exposed to a group of rowdy youth that led him to the temptation of experimenting on his carnal feelings1. This article discusses Augustine views on love and why he thinks that it can be ordered or disordered. According to Augustine, love which is based purely on lust is disorder love and love based on deep caring for a person is the orderly love which Christians need to practice. He even quotes his mother who had taught him that sleeping with another man wife and having sex out of wedlock is wrong. Such acts of adultery and fornication can be classified as disorderly. Orderly love, on the other hand, is practiced within the confines of marriage and the societal standard of sexual purity. In chapter 2 Augustine gives his confession of his actions as a teenager. He says that if someone had taught him the difference between love and lust, he would not have sinned as greatly as he did when he was an adolescent. Augustine says that lust which is present in human beings is an illustration of the desire for beauty. He asserts that having sex for pleasure and with different people outside the confines of marriage is wrong. ...
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Augustine's book The Confessions Course Professor Date The book confession of St Augustine is an autobiography that outlines his sinful youth and what led him to convert to Christianity. In the different chapters, Augustine explains his conflict with the church doctrines and his struggles in trying to overcome sin…
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