Magic in the Ancient World by Fritz Graf

Magic in the Ancient World by Fritz Graf Book Report/Review example
Book Report/Review
Religion and Theology
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Magic in the Ancient World was fist written in French and later translated to English by Franklin Philip.This review is on the English version of the book. Through this book the author makes an attempt to reveal the ancient world to its readers


I picked this book for review because of the reputation the author has on Greek religion and because the book touches on magic practices that were practiced in the ancient world. Religion and magic are antagonistic and reviewing the work of Fritz will give a sense of how magic was regarded in the ancient time. This text shows that magic was widespread in the ancient world. Magic in the Ancient World Fritz Graf takes us back to the ancient world and specifically to the underworld of magic. He helps us to see what the sorcerers and witches did and how the general society viewed this art. He tries to pin point the origin of magic, or to put it correctly, where magic was said to have appeared earliest. This book has seven chapters and has a total of 308 pages. The chapters are systematically reviewed below. The author draws his sources widely including from those touching on the bible. Indeed in chapter one, he highlights a significant texts touching on the biblical Moses (Graf 6). Chapter One In this chapter the author makes a general introduction to the book. What comes out here is that in the ancient time, practicing magic was more than common – he uses the word ‘omnipresent’ (Graf 1) to describe the commonness of this practice. The author gives a brief outline of the history of the study of magic – he covers this roughly from page 8 to 19 (Graf 19). He also outlines how the magic literature was passed down. ...
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