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(Name) (Professor) (Subject) (Date) Homosexuality and the Christian Tradition The issue of homosexuality is one of the most crucial and one of the most widely discussed moral issues. Homosexuality is a current issue in religion because there are around 1.75 billion gay people in the world today (How many gay people in the world?


The moral issue regarding homosexuality is clear. Actually gays and lesbians are immoral people and do immoral acts, at least according to the Bible. Homosexuality violates many Christian principles. However, homosexuals should be loved and accepted even though we cannot accept their homosexuality. The issue regarding homosexuality is actually based on whether it is an individual’s choice or not. If it is an individual’s choice, then homosexuality is evil and the homosexual who practices it deserves to be criticized. However, if there is a reason that homosexuality is not an individual’s choice like it is genetic, then it means that homosexuality is not such a bad thing after all because it is beyond human control. According to a study by Allen and Gorski of the University of California in 1992, “The midsagittal plane of the anterior commissure in homosexual men was 18% larger than in heterosexual women and 34% larger than in homosexual men” (Allen & Gorski). This means that a part of the brains of homosexual men are actually larger than the brains of heterosexual men. A group of Swedish scientists from the Karolinska Institute also had the same findings. According to the researchers, the brains of gay men have the same sizes as the brains of heterosexual women (Park). ...
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