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The Christian Tradition

Such worldwide reports as noted by Dr. Amin Abboud are: In Dusselford, in July 2001, German doctors reported that a patient’s own bone marrow adult stem cells were used to regenerate tissue damaged by a heart attack, improving his heart function. US doctors have taken adult stem cells from the brain of a patient with Parkinson’s disease and reimplanted them resulting in an 83% improvement in the patient. Washington Medical Centre treated 26 patients with rapidly deteriorating multiple sclerosis, twenty patients stabilized and six improved. Israeli doctors inserted adult blood stem cells into a paraplegic woman’s spinal cord. She regained bladder control and the ability to wiggle her toes and mover her legs. Surgeons in Taiwan have restored vision to a patient with severe eye damage using stem cells from the patient’s own eyes (2). However, with their highly optimistic battle to fight diseases, developing wise and ethically sound decisions in the field of medical science is very challenging especially in the midst of increasingly complex technology. ...
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[Name of student] [Professor] Theology [Date] The Christian Tradition The field of medical science has traveled a long progressive way in developing prevention and control of some chronic diseases. Scientists’ remarkable efforts in developing advanced medical procedures, effective drugs and innovative medical equipment that largely contribute in increase of life longevity are highly commendable…
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