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Proving The Biblical Flood (Noah's Ark) - Term Paper Example

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To this end, God instructed Noah to construct a huge Ark that would shelter his family and also a pair of every animal and bird species in the world. It is stated that Noah complied to each and every of God’s commands and secured himself, his family plus the select pair of every animal and bird species in the Ark. Afterwards, the book of Genesis details a mega flood that rained for 40 days and 40 nights. To this end, Genesis 7:21-22 states that all flesh perished that moved on the Earth, every man, cattle, birds, beasts and all the creeping things (Beitzel, Barry, Barry L. Bandstra, and Laurie, 24). Only the people and land animals on board the Ark were spared. After, one hundred and fifty days, it is stated that the water receded from the Earth. Unfortunately, a majority of sceptics and atheists normally dismiss the Great flood as one of the many mythological tales. Most critics like to point out that there is no evidence on Earth for Noah’s flood. However, The Bible and especially the Book of Genesis is a true historical account of the universe. ...
This fact is credible considering that all global surface water covers three quarters of the Earth surface. Evidently, some secular geologists have supported the theory that all the continents were once whole and not divided by the massive oceans of today. To this end, it is also a valid point that the receding waters of the flood were sufficient to effect the continental separation changes. Evidently, the Biblical scriptures state that God created the ocean basins by raising the land surface from the water so that the floodwaters may recede to a safer place. Most critics of the Great Flood normally seek for geologic evidence from proponents of the Great Flood. Evidently, a number of Christians are blind to the geological evidence that support the occurrence of the Great Flood. To this end, they have bought in the evolutionary idea that asserts that ‘the present is the key to the past’ (Shimmeal, 67). However, in examining whether the Great Flood really took place, direction from Biblical evidence is a starting point. Evidently, in Genesis chapter 7 to chapter 8, it states the fountains of the deep were fractured and water was expunged from within the earth’s core for 150 days. Furthermore, the heavens opened up and there was a global torrential rain for 40 days and nights. To this end, all the mountains and hills were immersed in water. In addition, all creatures on the land were swept away and died. Consequently, in attempt to check for evidence, one would expect to discover billions of dead animals and plants that have been buried and fossilized in layers of mud, sand and lime. Furthermore, such sediments would have been deposited instantaneously by water, within ...Show more
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Name Professor Course Date Proving the Biblical Flood (Noah's Ark) The Biblical account of the Great Flood and Noah’s Ark is among the famous events in man’s history elaborated in the Book of Genesis within the Old Testament. To this end, the Book of Genesis gives a detailed account of how God, the Creator of all things on heaven and Earth, commanded Noah to build an enormous Ark in preparation for the judgement He was about to release on the Earth…
Proving The Biblical Flood (Noahs Ark)
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