Report on the Religious Life of Planet Earth

Report on the Religious Life of Planet Earth Essay example
Religion and Theology
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REPORT ON THE RELIGIOUS LIFE OF PLANET EARTH Name Institution Introduction The topic on religion has tended to elicit a lot of controversy and confusion pertaining to its definition and core practices. To this end, some of the definitions accorded to religion normally exhibit deficiency in the belief systems that should constitute religion or exhibit ambiguity and vagueness whereby anything qualifies as religion (Bowker, 1997).


Furthermore, examples in relation to a descriptive analysis of behavioral actions in tandem with the religious characteristics will be incorporated. Belief and Reverence in the Supernatural Beings The basic and fundamental aspect of religion foremost entails a belief and reverence in the Supernatural beings (Bowker, 1997). These include belief in gods, spirits, and God in humans express acknowledgment and reverence to the existence of supernatural beings within an ultimate reality world. Examples depicting belief in supernatural beings is evident among religious groups such as the Hindus that acknowledge the existence of 330 million gods under a single the sole Ultimate Reality of the Brahman, which supersedes all forms and names (Bowker, 1997). Among the Christians, there is the monotheist belief in one supreme and Supernatural God. However, it should be noted that the practice of theism should not be mistaken for religion as is normally the case. Evidently, theism can exist beyond the confines of religion and similarly some religions can be classified as atheistic. The existence of supernatural deity is non-existent with non-religious mandarins. ...
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