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Report on the Religious Life of Planet Earth

These include the religion of Islam which was revealed by the prophet Muhammad and its adherents are spread all over the world such as in the Middle Eastern countries (Swatos & Kivisto, 998). Second, the religion of Christianity is notably the largest faith and has its teachings firmly grounded in the Bible. Evidently, it has approximately over 2 billion followers in the entire. Buddhism is equally another famous religion which teaches the adherents on the best way of living in accordance to Siddharta Gautama (Swatos & Kivisto, 998). Hinduism is a religion in which the faithful have their ideas firmly founded on Indian religious beliefs. The Candomble religion represents an African driven belief system of religion that traces its origins and followers in Brazil. On the other hand, Taoism connotes ancient religious, philosophical tradition that has its belief founded in Chinese worldview. There are equally contemporary and growing religions such as the Bahai religion. The aforementioned religions are just but a sample of the many religions in the Earth. Their existence and adherents that subscribe to the religions offer part of the proof of the religious nature of man on Earth.
The belief in the existence of supernatural beings is a foundational precinct in the belief system of religious people. To this end, they acknowledge the existence of supernatural beings such as gods, spirits or a supreme God. Evidently, the belief in supernatural beings offers a connection to the existence and experiences of humans. ...
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The writer of the essay "Report on the Religious Life of Planet Earth" suggests that existence of religion on Earth is evident from the functional perspective in which humanity has employed the various paradigms of religion within their actions, and relations with each other. …
Author : idaosinski

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