Report on the Religious Life of Planet Earth

Report on the Religious Life of Planet Earth Essay example
Religion and Theology
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REPORT ON THE RELIGIOUS LIFE OF PLANET EARTH Name Institution Introduction The concept on religion is understood to encompass a set of beliefs in relation to the nature, cause and purpose of the universe (Swatos & Kivisto, 998). This is more so when the creation of the universe is attributed to a supernatural entity or entities, and reverence is accorded through ritual activities.


Moreover, religion not only defines a person but also structures the behavior of a person and his or her beliefs. In countries across the world, it is common to come across an individual or groups which confess faith towards some religious affiliation. Evidently, majority of humanity seeks identity and purpose for life through establishing a connection with religion. To this end, in determining if people on Earth are religious and consequently how religion looks like; the best assessment is through examining the relationship between the characteristics of religion and its conformity to the behaviors, actions and belief systems of humanity. The Spread of different religious Systems In the historical and contemporary world, there are a variety of different religious systems which people exhibit an affiliation. Evidently, these religious groups or systems offer a sense of identity and influences the behavior and belief values of the adherents. In this regard, the world is filled with diverse religions and proof of it is through the diverse range of adherents that subscribe to such individual faiths. ...
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