Origin of Christianity. Essay example
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Christianity and its origin came about as the embodiment of the Messiah and His people. This is the belief that surrounds Christianity, and all followers of the Faith. Many theories emanate about the beginning and origin of Christianity.


Many accept as true that it was after the demise and rebirth of the Messiah that Christianity found its way among followers. Others believe that ancient Egypt may have been the birthplace of Christianity. All these theories may point out to the Hellenistic philosophy that may have pushed for some of the practices and theology of Christianity. The Hellenistic traditions and culture had a major influence on the Jews in Israel and in the diaspora. The spread made its way to Egypt, and after the Roman conquest, Hellenistic Judaism gave rise to Early Christianity (Williams, 1992). This paper will examine the origin of Christianity, and its spread in modern society. Christianity is believed to be of divine origin that is, direct design from the Supreme Being, God (Carus, 2007). If it is, by any chance, of human origin, then it should be a false doctrine or design that many across the globe are following. To truly comprehend the origin of Christianity, one must begin by analyzing the situation before the coming of Christ. Christianity was different from what the Jews were accustomed to, and this was probably why they were hostile toward what Christ tried to bring to the people. It might be, therefore; fair to say that, Christianity did not exist before the coming, the death, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. ...
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