Report on the Religious Life of Plant Earth

Report on the Religious Life of Plant Earth Essay example
Religion and Theology
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Name: Title: Course: Tutor: Date: Report on the Religious Life of Planet Earth Introduction People seek to make sense of life by determining what would make them understand themselves. In the quest to find this meaning, some would resort to some philosophy, others to arts and others, in fact the majority, would resort to some form of religion.


This report gives my findings following a visit to planet Earth which indicates that the people in the planet are largely religious. To determine the religious nature of the Earthly beings, various criteria were used. These criteria seek to find out if the earthly beings are religious, seek to determine what they believe could be the cause, purpose and nature of the universe as guided by the way they undertake their rituals and their lives based on the moral codes determined by religion. First, an observation of the happenings during public and private ceremonies provided critical information on religious principles. Secondly, I observed the rules that governed human behaviour in their day-to-day livelihood. Furthermore, I evaluated the stories and myths that humans have on the account of universe and the creatures therein. Finally, I also made an observation of the group dimensions, including membership, identity and shared beliefs. Indeed, these criteria served a great deal in informing on religious attributes of humans. The first example that pointed towards the discussed criteria was the belief of humans on the coming into being of the universe and all that is in it. ...
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