Religion and Theology
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: 1. Who is the more faithful follower of Confucius, Mencius or Xunzi? Give specific textual evidence for your judgment. Why might a thoughtful person be tempted by the alternative position? Xunzi was the most faithful and devoted follower of Confucius than Mencius.


Xunzi departs from the ideas of Confucius and Mencius in the view of heaven (Ivanhoe and Bryan 41). He argues that heaven is nothing more than the natural world which has no moral will and that its activities are totally different to human activities. Therefore, human-beings are responsible for their own destinies and they must not think that heaven can intervene or be in control of their own troubles. He says that heaven is responsible for how things are and not how they ought to be. People must therefore live with the effects and limitations imposed on them by heaven and earth (Ivanhoe and Bryan 39). On ritual, Xunzi perceives it as a way of bringing into existence a fully human world from people’s emotions. Rituals more often satisfy certain psychological needs and desires without considering on those of others. Sacrificial rites express the feelings of remembrance and longing for the dead. They perfect loyalty, good faith and the flourishing of ritual department and refined demeanor. Xunzi`s theory dearly anticipates Sigmund Frend whereby the sages had a psychological purpose in creating the rituals and did not depend upon belief in the existence of ancestral spirits or their ability to respond to sacrifice (Ivanhoe and Bryan 51). Xunzi also argues that human nature is evil and that its goodness is the result of conscious activity. ...
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