Religion and Theology
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The purpose of this paper is to comprehensively discuss an atheistic worldwide. The paper aims to analyze the aforementioned worldwide by outlining its assumptions and answering critical questions related to atheism as a philosophy of life and how it shapes ones perceptions, beliefs, attitudes and actions.


According to Walters, a worldview can be defined as a manner through which an individual comprehends and makes sense of what is around him this means that one’s worldview essentially includes aspects such as reality, emotions, cognition as well as a person’s ability to give meaning to or interpret the happenings of the world (33). An atheistic worldview puts forward the concept of “naturalism” as its foundation; this notion postulates that the world we see around us is all there is (Walters 36). Therefore, atheism does not advocate the existence of any supernatural or mystical entities nor does it believe in any form of spiritualism. Baggini notes that the definition of atheism is exceptionally straightforward – it is a credence which says that there is no God (4). From this belief stem several ideas, according to which it is understood that there is in fact no life after death and consequently, no heaven or hell (Baggini 6). Therefore, when a human being dies that is the end of their life; atheism does not support the existence of spirits or mystical souls. ...
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