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Religion and Theology
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Insert Name Tutor Course Date Part 1 There are several values that I have personally gleaned from class. One of the values that I gained from class is the comprehensive, dynamic and pervasive nature of Christianity and its theology. From lecture hall experience, it became open that Christian theology is not a construct that can be relegated to the theoretical spheres such as philosophical controversy and historical reconstruction.


In the absence of the person and nature of Jesus Christ as God incarnate, the message of Jesus would lose the uniqueness, authority and applicability to man attributed to it. The message of Jesus Christ in turn remains of crucial importance since liberation theology is centered on the message of Jesus Christ. As a sociopolitical movement which interprets the teachings of Jesus Christ as being relational and key to emancipation from adverse or oppressive economic, political and social conditions. For instance, the Sermon on the Mountain places great emphasis on the poor and the less privileged, and thereby setting stage for liberation theology, given that liberation theology is deemed by its proponents as an interpretation of Christian teachings and faith through the hope, struggles and suffering of the poor. Normally, liberation theology critiques the society perceived to be oppressive, interprets the Christian message, through the worldview of the poor and is done by detractors such as Christianized Marxists. In this light, it becomes clear to me, that Christianity is far much interested in man's liberation. Another insight that I gleaned from classroom situation was the liberating power of the message of Christ. ...
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