Religion as the Source of Inspiration

Religion as the Source of Inspiration  Research Paper example
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Religion and Theology
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The society has been formed based on the need to deliver given attributes that are placed to present ideologies. The need to deliver a common place to articulate the desire to satisfy survival measures within the harsh environment.


The organization of groups into identifiable sectors within society has been placed to compose a movement. These have been in the form of cult or religion and other organized groups where ideology is shared and desires fulfilled. Of the organized groups to follow a unified theme, religion has been the most outstanding. Durkheim, Cladis and Cosman (2001) define religion as a set of beliefs that bring individuals together towards acknowledgement of the existence of a supernatural being. These beliefs have aided the development of positive virtues within the society an offer support during the difficult challenges subjected upon societal members. Societies and groups have been identified based on their variable religious affiliations. Other societies have been developed based on the shared belief and practices. In religion, individuals complete variable practices for the satisfaction of the rules within the set trend. Religion has existed within the continents for decades linking the practices to the behavioral adaptation of the members. Various religions present different practices and identity. The common example is found in the difference accorded in Christianity and Islam religion that depict varied theories and practices. Religion serves as the basis of articulating unanswered questions to clarify the foundation of existence and the larger society. ...
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