Report on Religious Field Research

Religion and Theology
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Report on Religious Field Research Name: Institution:  Report on Religious Field Research Religion should not be viewed as ignorance, outrageous superstition, nor is it characterized by hate or opposition to a different area of human being venture. Religion entails having faith in a greater thing, something which is beyond human control or understanding.


Boundless light is both love and the element of love past the individual or human beings. This activity is not designed by any individual or for any individual. Boundless light is all inclusive. It argues that actual nature entails displaying everything and every individual as absolute love, and one of the forms of love involves the soul (Hagen, 1998). The soul also acknowledges that it is the expression of the love of real nature. In addition, meditation has been identified as a core part of the Buddhist religion. It is not clear the number of Christians who pray, but a large number of Buddhists all through history have not engaged in meditation. Until recent times, mediation has been perceived as a basic activity and is solely practiced by specified monks. Moreover, the Buddha largely laid emphasis on meditation, but a number of traditions, for example, the pure land engage in minimal or no meditation in their activities (Brodd, 2003). This paper will be a report on religious field research. ...
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