Report on Religious Field Research

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Religion and Theology
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Report On Religious Field Research Name Instructor Course Date Discuss Any Misconceptions You Had About The Religion You Researched Trying to understand other religions can be very hard for most people, due to the prejudices that they already have (Dyet, 2006).


Millions of people in America and the entire world practice Christianity (Dyet, 2006). Being the most popular religion in the world, there are various misconceptions about Christianity, some of which I personally held for so long. This research gave me a great opportunity to try and understand the Christian Religion and try to get answers to the queries I have had about Christianity for a very long time. Most Christians also hold other prejudices against other religious groups, which has led to religious discrimination and wars in areas dominated by one religion (Driscoll, 2009). In order to understand the Christian Religion, I attended a Christian prayer service at a Baptist Church, where I interacted with the Christian community in the church as they helped me understand the basic foundations of Christianity. I managed to have a small discussion with a few Christians in the form of an interview to help clear some of the prejudices I had towards their religion. After a lengthy discussion, I was able to understand the Christian religion and change some of the false impressions I had about this religious group. One of the biggest misconceptions I had concerning Christianity is how a Christian Worship Service is mainly centered on teachings about how bad other religions are. I had always believed that Christians are taught to despise other religions (Driscoll, 2009). ...
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