Report on Religious Field Research

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Religion and Theology
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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Subject: Essay, Religion and Theology Date: Topic: Report on Religious Field Research Two volunteers of the Organization were waiting for us at the entrance. “Welcome Sir, thank you for coming. We have been expecting you”, one of them said with utmost courtesy.


Om Peace, Peace, Peace”. (Om asato…) Prayer over, the Preacher lost no time in beginning the day’s lecture: “The Perfect Masters of all religions mention about the same transcendental truth. What they wish to explain is beyond the realm and boundaries of words, thoughts, feelings and the capacity of body-mind-intellect. My submission is also an outline, and not the reality of spirituality. That has to be practically experienced by you. There is much more in this cosmos than what the senses can detect or the mind can comprehend. The totality can be comprehended with the help of the “Third Eye”, which Lord Jesus proclaims, “When thine Eye be Single…” “The problems arise when the Transcendental Reality is explained by the mind-level philosophers, intellectuals, preachers, mullahs and pundits. Arguments and counter-arguments follow. Misunderstandings generate and conflicts arise. This is the genesis of religious conflicts. ...
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