Report on Religious Field Research

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Religion and Theology
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Report on religious field research Name Name of institution Professor Course Date Introduction Religion is a collection of beliefs that try to explain the origin of nature and the existence of a supernatural power that controls humanity and the universe’s contents.


Religion forms the epicenter of human being’s social life. This paper intends to examine the Buddhism religion by attending a church service and interacting with the members of this faith. The church service attendance intends to serve as a channel to understand fully the sentimental attachments of the members to the faith through observation. More over, information will be sought through interviewing. The church of attendance is the Oregon Buddhist Temple in the Northwest District in Oregon (Ganeri, 2002). Further, this paper intends to incorporate any misconceptions that were realized after finding more information about the religion. Further, more this paper will test personal assumptions and perceptions of Buddhism through the intended interaction. Buddhism is one of the most common religions in the globe.   Its roots go back to 563 B.C.E. when Siddhartha Gautama was born.   Gautama is commonly referred to as the “Buddha”, which means the “Awakened One” (Ganeri, 2002).   Buddhism spread speedily all over Asia and other parts of the world. However, this religion remained practically unfamiliar in the West until the last half century. ...
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