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1) Five ways leading to the mystical union and provide thorough and abundant examples from the readings from each of the stages. Introduction. According to Evelyn Underhill, mysticism is the state off union with reality. No one description can be said to be right, but in order for mysticism to occur there has to be change in an individual’s life, after the experience beyond human description…


The five stages commonly used are the Western and Eastern .Apart from the five fold path, there are other common paths to mystical union which include the three fold path, which has three paths; purgative, illuminative and unitive, which is common in Western churches. The five fold path is described below, given by Evelyn Underhill. 1) The awakening of self. This is a stage much higher than religious conversion. A person moves from a stage of physical limitations, placed on them by the world and moves to a state of greater revelation. People find meaning to life. According to Omram Mihael, this stage is where there is a total change in the way man perceives things and their outlook on life is never the same. This change usually takes place through divine intervention and is usually abrupt. A good example is in the bible where St. Paul on the way to Damascus saw light, which represents closeness to God. Basically, what happens in this stage is the viewing of mans spiritual consciousness of God, usually in two directions of comprehending reality. For example God seems so close yet so far. The reaction of the mystic is that of awe to the opposites that present themselves. Only one perception presents itself in the first breakthrough. 2) Purgation of self. ...
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