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Paganism and New Ageism By Name May 2012 Table of Contents Table of Contents i Abstract ii Introduction 1 Paganism and Neo-Paganism 3 The New Age Religion 9 The Difference between Paganism, Neo-Paganism and the New Age Religion 13 Conclusion 15 REFERENCES 17 Abstract This discussion presents an exploration of the Pagan and New Age spirituality to proceed later to compare Paganism with the New Age religious doctrine.


According to the monotheistic religious doctrine, an all-powerful monotheistic God can end the suffering and the conflict apparent in the real world, but by not doing so, a contradiction is apparent. Thus, Paganism and the New Age religiosities have presented alternatives for those living in the liberal West, with Pagan promises for living in harmony with nature and the New Age lure for fulfilment of the self. However, both of these alternative spiritualties appear at odd with the monotheistic doctrines, and it is possible to argue that these alternative spiritualties are evil. Paganism encourages worship of godheads that are similar to the medieval Pagan godheads that thrived in an age of anarchy, and the New Age movement presents a complex mix of occult, science, belief in extraterritorial beings that exist in a different plane and “Enlightened Masters” to resemble Gnosticism. This essay argues that it is best to avoid the Pagan and New Age religiosities because they present a potential for even greater anarchy than is apparent in a world that predominantly subscribes to the monotheistic doctrines. ...
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