Justification By Faith, The Book of Romans

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Justification By Faith, The Book of Romans Customer’s Name Course’s Name Instructor’s Name Date Justification by Faith: The Book of Romans When Martin Luther pinned his 95 indictments on the door of the church in Wittenberg in October 1517, his intention was to only remind the authority that the forgiveness of sins was God’s responsibility alone and that no man had such a capacity.


The just shall live by faith. The Dominican Monk in charge of the Wittenberg Cathedral, Tetzel, had introduced a shameful doctrine of paying for the forgiveness of sins. He saw this as a powerful strategy towards the construction of a church building. After reading Romans, Luther saw this doctrine, amongst others which he came to reject later, as falsified1. His act ignited a fire in Europe that saw the birth of the Protestant church, which up to today is in constant doctrinal conflict with the Catholics. One of the subjects which draw a lot of argument is the subject of Justification by Faith. Both theologians, philosophers, clergy men and average Christians alike have engaged in this century’s old debate about the nature of justification. Inasmuch as both agree that there is an immortal justification of the mortal soul, the means to this justification seems to draw a significant difference between Catholics and Protestants. Some hold that believes that are justified by faith alone while the rest strongly believe that justification happens due to faith and good works alone. ...
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