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Malcolm X by Spike Lee Introduction Bio-pictures or biographical cinemas as a special genre of cinematography have attracted directors, creative crews and audiences equally. In 1992, American cinema witnessed a film from Spike Lee on one of the all-time enigmatic and charismatic black leaders the world has ever seen, namely Malcolm X.


Moreover, his life related events that comprise different aspects from his event filled life was going to get captivated within the framework of the reel life at a magnitude not witnessed by the audiences of Lee ever before. Within the insightful book Spike Lee: Interviews edited by Cynthia Fuchs in an article entitled “Our Film is Only a Starting Point: An Interview with Spike Lee” by Gary Crowdus and Dan Georgakas, Lee explained his theme behind making a film on the life of Malcolm X, “Lee explains his primary desire to introduce Malcolm X to young viewers and his awareness that the time limits of even a nearly three and a half hour movie prevented him from producing anything more than a ‘primer’ on one of the America’s most charismatic black leaders ” (Fuchs 65). With the level of severe intensity and depth, Lee made a film on the life of a man whose real life events provided the director with enough prudent aspects to frame a complete motion picture. Thesis Statement The essay intends to depict an introspection based analysis of the film Malcolm X in order to comprehend the inherent themes and the socio-political and religious messages that were meant to be provided by this bio-picture. ...
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