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Luke wrote about the early Christian leadership development in the first seven chapters of Acts of the Apostles. The focus is majorly on Jesus’ teachings, the spread of the Gospel, and the events that were experienced in Galilee and Judea. As church leaders and more so the Apostles spread the gospel, they experienced hardships such as persecutions, incorporation of foreigners, maintaining distant followers, and issues of church leadership and policies. 2. Controversies about Gentile Christians The great controversy in the early church was about whether or not Christianity had to be simply another division of Judaism. The focus was on the missionary expansion of Gentiles from Antioch. The issue was basically the basis on which Gentiles were to be admitted to the church and the whole issue of human salvation, whether Gentiles or Jews were at stake. The opinion to resolve this controversy was for people to acknowledge the grace of God in Christ as the sole basis for faith and salvation as the only necessity from the human side. It was also suggested that gentiles respect the attitudes of their brethrens in Christ. At the end of all these, the Church was freed from being a sect in Judaism, and could expand freely as a unit throughout Europe (Saward 67). 3. ...
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Name Instructor Course Date TRS 1. The leadership structure of the early Christian community There was a hierarchical leadership structure in this community, founded by Christ himself upon picking the twelve disciples. The disciples in turn went out and picked converts from the earlier converts in a variety of local areas…
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