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Critically assess Renaissance understandings of humankind

, 1965 p3). Therefore, the concept of hierarchy existed before the middle Ages, according to Plotinus' idea of 'The One the Demiurge, and the Material World', and thus the middle ages just created a more organized theory. However, the most important of all the factors that completely put mankind in a unique position, is the freedom of judgment that mankind was granted by the creator, so that he could be able to differentiate the good and the bad, and based on this judgment, he could then get an opportunity to ascend upwards, from the middle category where he was created to fit, to join the upper cadre of life (Mirandola, 1965 p5). ...
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Name: Course: Date: Critically assess Renaissance understandings of humankind Renaissance understanding of humankind is multi-faceted, considering that different individuals have different understanding of the Renaissance of humankind. However, while critically assessing the different understanding, it is fundamental to start with the understanding of Pico Mirandola, a philosopher who approaches the concept of Renaissance from the very core of human kind; the creation…
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