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Name Course Instructor Date Midterm Exam Part 1: Question 1-Mystical experience, its main characteristics, and manifestation The mystical experience These are experiences felt beyond the realms of normal consciousness, rarely called states of altered consciousness.


Such experiences are always spiritual, though they may not be; they are not limited to priests or monks. However, all individual religious experiences are entrenched in mystical states of consciousness, yet all mystical experiences are partially religious. Although mystical experiences occur commonly, they happen unbidden to someone perhaps once or severally in a lifetime. Mystical experiences are for example, those of oneness with nature and the deeper self, the mystic is always a tragic form, torn by the tensions between the soul and the body, between the spiritual and physical. He is beleaguered by his bodily chains that limit him to this meager realism; he is drawn to the elusive, he longs for the inspiring, for the best. He desires to free himself, to rise further. The world surrounding him is a dark, awful place, his spirit sores and soars, attempting to flee its worldly prison. William James identified four Mystical characteristics; Ineffability, where mystical states are more similar to states of feeling than intelligence, slightly shaded with fine nuances that are hard to express in their import and splendor to another. As a result, much mystical writing is filled with symbolism and paradoxes1. Noetic quality experiences are conditions of insight, knowledge, revelation, awareness, and illumination beyond the grab of the intelligence. ...
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