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Homiletics refers to the application of general principles of oratory to the particular department of public preaching. An individual who practices homiletics is known as a homilist.


It is a calling that is considered to be the most important one since it outdoes all the other earthly responsibilities. It is a sacred undertaking as it involves proclaiming the word of God to other people. There are certain goals that preachers usually have concerning the members of their congregation. One of them is to see individuals being transformed into the image of God. This is mainly because the teachings from the bible have rules and regulations that were written down by those who were inspired by God. In short it means that it is God himself who wrote the Bible. This therefore, gives a clear impression that those who follow the rules in the Bible are like God. The other goal is to make sure that the listeners may end up obtaining wisdom that during the end times they may be presented perfect in the eyes of God. The teachings in the bible aim at molding individuals to make them live holy lives so that they can avoid hell in the second coming of Jesus. The preachers in this case, are used as vessels of the Lord to make sure that they proclaim the news to people so that individuals may prepare themselves for the second coming of Jesus, to go to heaven with Him. To lead people and to save them from hell is another goal that preachers have for their members. Teachings in the bible discourage practicing things that are not pleasing to the eyes of the Lord. This means that God intends his people to live holy lives and He uses preachers as messengers so that they can pass on this message to the entire world. The listeners are expected to follow the teachings they are offered for them to avoid hell and live eternally with Jesus after his second coming. ...
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