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Name Course Tutor Date Part 1: Plowshares and Pruning Hooks by D. Brent Sandy God made use of His prophets in order to deliver messages to His people. However, most people failed to interpret the messages that God sent to His people may be due to our feeble state of mind and the culture we are living in.


The mode in which prophecies have been presented continues to hinder many people from understanding prophecies. The figurative languages used do not show any relevance and meaning even if confirmed from the dictionary1. Another problem that faces people who try to interpret prophecies is emotional language used in the prophecies. Most prophecies are full of emotions, exaggerations, excitement, and shock and this affects the manner in which different people interpret and understand prophecies. Another problem that affects prophecies is that God does not mention conditions in promised blessings. God in form of visions and dreams sends most prophecies. The ability to interpret the symbolic visions and dreams from the figurative language to words and writings also affects the level of interpretation of the prophecies. Interpretation ability therefore depends on the feelings and temperaments of the prophet in question. Most prophets in their writing employ the use of apocalyptic literature, which is quite different from prophecy but just a sub-genre under prophecy. The use of apocalyptic literature is full of emotions, which are aiming at attracting and capturing the interest of the reader or the audience. This literature has helped me in understanding the scriptures more. ...
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