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Essay example - The Expression of Cyclical-Universal Understanding Inherent in the Mūlamadhyamakikārikā by Nāgārjuna

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The Expression of Cyclical-Universal Understanding Inherent in the Mūlamadhyamakikārikā by Nāgārjuna Essay example
Religion and Theology
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Your Name Prof’s Name Date The Expression of Cyclical-Universal Understanding Inherent in the Mulamadhyamakikarika by Nagarjuna Every philosophy is in some way indebted to or tied to the basic understandings of the universe that it or its culture understands…

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The philosophers who ascribe to this position do so without having real proof: certainly in many cases it seems to be true that the same thing will always happen in identical conditions, say, a sound will always travel at the speed of sound through a certain medium. On the other hand, there are documented limitations to this understanding: in quantum mechanics, scientists can have exactly the same circumstances, and only predict a probability of results. They argue this away by indicating that there was probably something different in the circumstances that cannot be effectively observed, but the bottom line is that this philosophy inherently rests on an unproven assumption, without which it cannot stand. It is thus always interesting to analyze the fundamental premises on which a major work of thought is based. Nagarjuna’s Mulamadhyamakikarik, the foundational text of “Middle Way” Buddhism, demonstrates all the hallmarks of the best Buddhist thinking: a unique combination of logic and spirituality, a peace with subjectivity and so on. But it, like every work of philosophy, rests on an un-provable premise, without which its arguments largely fail. IN the case of Mulamadhyamakikarik, one such fundamental premise is that the universe is cyclical in nature. ...
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