Compare curanderismo, espiritualismo, with Afro-Caribbean Santeria, Pentecostalism.

Compare curanderismo, espiritualismo, with Afro-Caribbean Santeria, Pentecostalism. Essay example
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Curanderismo is a spiritual healing practice that incorporates the body, mind, and spirit. Evidently, Curanderismo can be traced back to the traditional cultures of Central America and Mexico.


Moreover, there are several objects that are used by the practitioners. They include the holy water, crucifixes, lemons, eggs, candles, saints, incense, candles, spices, eggs, limes, and oils.
Evidently, curanderismo originated from the Mexican culture following its colonization by Mexico. It derives its meaning from the word curar which is Spanish for ‘to heal.’ Incidentally, curanderismo is a combination of the indigenous Latin American folk medicine and Catholicism. Presently, curanderismo is practiced in a number of Latin American countries and also in the United States. To this end, it has retained its popularity among certain Mexican-American people as an alternative mode of medicine. Its popularity is largely due to the belief that it offers spiritual alleviation from ailments that are beyond conventional medicine. Espiritualismo involves the practice of spiritualism. Evidently its practice is based on the belief that the spirit world can offer intervention within the human world. To this end, it is practised by a majority of Caribbean’s and also by some citizens from Latin America. However, it is different from Santeria since there are rituals characterized by animal sacrifices. Espiritualismo is further regarded as a philosophical movement that is based on reverence to God and the soul, the spiritual and moral principles, and the immortality of being. Moreover, espiritualismo believes in reincarnation, survival ideals of the soul, and the relation between the disembodied and embodied. ...
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