Majors Forces That Have Privatized Religion

Majors Forces That Have Privatized Religion Essay example
Religion and Theology
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Many forces within modern-life have steered to religion privatization. Majority of them are part of the overall modernism while a number of them steer into secularism wherein officials and governments govern a nation without needing religion.


Individualism has made privacy and personal beliefs to become more crucial than society-wide shared convictions. Multiculturalism has made forbearance win out upon religious intolerance; nowadays, religious persons are protected lawfully against prejudice. This denotes that no specific religious organism can dictate law, introducing a level playing-field for creeds to contend. This regularly leads to devotees becoming disillusioned concerning which conviction is appropriate, permitting people the option to desert religion completely. Science, education and intelligence are all roots of the end of religion, since they cause individuals to be incapable of remaining religious. Lastly, the human rights concept has made numerous religious practices appear immoral and barbaric, as gender impartiality, racism and bias against homosexuals have been conquering over religious doctrines, which oppress and stigmatize some individuals. This paper will identify and critically discuss the major forces, which have privatized religion in modernity. ...
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