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Isaiah 14 refers to the fall of Satan as a fall from heaven, down to the earth. Once who laid low the nations is none other than Satan. Jesus referred to the same event in Luke 10:18. Here Jesus explains the fall of Satan from heaven, like a lightening. The morning star, the son of dawn fell like a lightening.


Satan always yearns to be God. He once tried to convince Adam and Eve by telling that if they eat the forbidden fruit, they will be as God. Satan’s desire and purpose is nothing but to be God. We find in the passage that Lucifer wanted to raise his throne above the stars of God. Satan is the author of desire, lust and thirst for position. His mind is clearly revealed in this passage. He wanted to be like the most high. Throughout the bible we find Satan relentlessly attempting to make himself like God. Yet another passage that confirms the mentioning of Satan in Isaiah 14 is Ezekiel 28. Here we find a proud king, king of Tyre who represents Satan. Satan, the father of pride and idolatry is ruling the heart of king of Tyre. We find the lamentation about king of Tyre, Satan. We find that he was in the Garden of Eden, among the fiery stones. He was adorned with precious stones, and was a shining star in heaven. In the same passage we find Satan being thrown out of heaven. His pride pushed him out of heaven. We find his fall to the earth from heaven. It is the same fall Jesus mentions in Luke 10:18. The description of the fallen star in Isaiah 14, Luke 10 and Ezekiel 28 refer to Satan, the fallen angel. The pride of the fallen star mentioned in Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28 accounts to Satan alone. ...
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