How Religions Impact Americans Politically, Socially and Economically

How Religions Impact Americans Politically, Socially and Economically Essay example
Religion and Theology
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Religion is a set of world views, beliefs and cultural systems that humanity uses as a medium to relate to the supernatural, moral values, and spirituality (Farlee, 1999).


Statistics released by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in 2012 have shown that out of the world’s total population, 59 percent is religious, and, the United States, unlike several other Western countries, remains a religiously overwhelming society. This paper will discuss the political, social and economical impact religion has had on the American society, with specific focus on Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism. As a nation, the United States founding was on religion. Majority of the American population is Christian, predominantly 30 percent White Evangelical Protestants, 20 percent Liberal Protestants and 8 percent African-American Protestants. 2 percent practices Judaism and 0.5 percent are Hindus. Most of the non-Christian religions in the United States found their way there after the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act that removed restrictions that previously limited foreigners who could immigrate. As portrayed by Farlee (1999), the American society has grown into a successful multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-religious nation. From the nation’s founding fathers to present day presidents, the American leadership has portrayed the significance of redirecting public policy towards enhancing the future health of the nation in religion, especially Christianity, though not to dictate that it is a Christian nation. ...
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