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Religion and Theology
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Introduction Christianity is the religion I researched. I observed it in one of the Christian organizations during their virtual religious service with people identifying themselves to have acquired the born-again experience. Services like these are common nowadays to be featured on various modern media platforms.


As for me then, this is just a fundamental way or strategy in order to increase the number of people in the church. With many people coming in and congregating, there would be financial advantage for all the leaders who were successful in building a Christian congregation. The other misconception I have is relevant to self-fulfillment or self-actualisation of a person. I once believed that there must be a strong sense of accomplishment when you can build your group and ensure a large number of followers who are willing to take part under one’s rule. I therefore had a funny thought concerning pastors that their ultimate reason of initiating a church is to gain the advantage of personal satisfaction of taking the pride for establishing a group, and not just ordinary but a multitude. The above were two of my greatest presumptions about Christianity, which have remarkably changed when I happened to observe one of its virtual service and actual discourse with a born-again Christian. The following includes the information I obtained that changed the way I look at Christianity, particularly from the point of view of a born-again Christian. ...
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