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The Lesson of Isaiah 11: 1-9 Meaning of the Passage The lesson that will be examined will be Isaiah 11: 1-9. This is a passage of glorious hope. This passage addresses the Assyrian threat, yet gives hope of a fulfillment that is in the future.1 The passage begins with the imagery of a felled tree.


This first passage, according to Buksbazen (1971)2 is a continuation of the last verses of Chapter 10, in which Isaiah had predicted that the Assyrian empire would fall, and would never again rise. In contrast, the house of David, which had fallen due to evil, would sprout again and bear new fruit. In other words, the Davidic monarchy would rise again, and this is what is meant by the stem of Jesse, as Jesse was David’s father. While the throne of David might have fallen, David’s family survived, and this family is what would result in new growth. Isaiah was delivering a message of hope that the monarchy could be re-established.3 The second verse of the passage describes the Messianic king who would channel the spirit of the Lord (Isaiah 11:2). This new king would embody the spirit of wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge and fear of the Lord. The spirit of wisdom is synonymous with the Lord, as wisdom is the very essence of the lord. ...
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