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Religion and Theology
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Topic Name of Student Course Name of Professor Date of Submission Buddhism is a religion that puts more premiums in the relation of human mind with God, emphasizing, among many other things, the need to re-examine life to make it worth living. Buddhist tradition use meditation, a renunciation from the mundane pressures and influences, to reflect upon the meaning of life and of human relations to gain self-awareness and deep investigation of personal experiences (Instilling Goodness School, 2013).


This religious teaching emanated from India when Siddharta Gautama, son of King Suddhodana and Queen Maya in 566 BB of Kapilavastu, who reflected the four realities of life: sickness, old age, death, and a wandering monk. He followed the life of the monk, abandoned his wealth and wore ragged robes (Instilling Goodness School, 2013). He practiced ascetic lifestyle to gain enlightenment; do a lot of meditation and eat raw foods, fruits and leaves. Sometimes, he fasted. He realized in life that overdoing things cannot provide happiness in life, but moderation and objective balancing of needs is. Gautama became Buddha, the awakened one (, 2013). He emphasized that suffering is caused by peoples’ dissatisfaction and greed and such could only be eliminated if one would live a life of truth, moderation, meditation, and reflective reasoning of life. He believed that life’s moderation will spare one from unnecessary wants and from overreacting to life’s circumstances (Instilling Goodness School, 2013). ...
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