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World Religions 2

However, earlier the doctrine of karma combines together with caste doctrine and came up with another view of the universe which does not please lots of Hindus. The Law of Karma is considered to be as the most essential Hinduism doctrine. According to the Law of Karma, it is an esteem principle that people actually reap what they sowed. This justice principle requires that every single deed or thought whether it is good or bad is counted when analyzing how a particular person will be sent on earth in their next life. Apart from any other religion, Hinduism is one of those religions that emphasize more on it. It is of the firm belief that a person having bad karma is born repeatedly in inferior human castes, or even in animals, and is not released until or unless they are not reborn in Brahmin, or other minor caste. No one can change or modify the fact that a person is exactly what he or she is supposed to be in their lives. However, in their existing life, if people do good karma they can modify or change their future lives as per their wish. The Samsara doctrine is that a soul is sent to earth number of times; nevertheless, they appear in a different body according to their karma. The eternal soul transforms bodies just like a person modifies old or worn-out clothes. ...
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Karma and its Importance In Hinduism, the doctrines of Samsara and Karma play a very important role. Persons usually view the universe with positivity and believe if they please their God or gods it will, in return, become the best place for them…
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