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Religion and Theology
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Human beings are seen to need non-linguistic symbols as these symbols greatly aid in passing on messages to the intended recipient without it being easily understood by any other individual who might happen to intercept the message.


An example of this instance is seen in the story of the secret of the Lotus flower where Buddha was seen to make his point by holding a golden lotus in his palms while standing before his followers, most of his followers were however unable to understand what exactly Buddha was attempting to say to them and only Mahakasyapa managed to understand what exactly Buddha was attempting to express. Mahakasyapa’s only indication that he had understood the message was a slight smile. In communicating this information it is clearly seen that no words intervened but yet the entire message was clearly understood by Mahakasyapa. This caused Buddha to sufficiently determine that indeed Mahakasyapa was the best individual who could be selected and chosen to succeed him (Smith, 87).
In some of the Buddhist sects, the message being given by the teacher is seen to have a somewhat two pronged approach and while most people only understand the surface meaning of the teaching, the more perceptive disciples are able to deeply understand the message and sufficiently decipher its symbolism so as to truly understand its meaning ...
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