In light of the Schultz' essay, write a reflection on your view of the authorship of Isaiah.

In light of the Schultz
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Institution Tutor Topic: The Authorship of Isaiah Student’s name Course/Number Date Department Introduction There are two main schools of thoughts on the prophetic Book of Isaiah. There is the traditional school of thought which holds that there is only one author identified as Isaiah, son of Amoz to the entire Book of Isaiah.


The crux of the matter is that the traditional school of thought sees the Book of Isaiah as entirely Isaiah's work, while the latter group maintains that chapters 40 up to 66 are a result of another individual's work, other than Isaiah. Of the same group, there are certain who maintain that the chapters 40 to 66 are written by two individuals, so that the whole book is a result of three individuals' works. These groups are thus summed up as proponents of single authorship and proponents of multiple authorship. Whether the Evidence Best Support the Traditional View That Isaiah Wrote the Entire Book or the Critical View of Multiple Authorship It is a true that the evidence that Richard Schultz provides to support the view of single authorship are sufficient to uphold the traditional view of a single author. One of the facts that Schultz presents to serve as evidence to the perspective of a single author is the consistently throughout the text. Schultz explains that the author uses the same structure throughout the book, and particularly, even in both the former Isaiah and deutero–Isaiah. Schultz posits that the consistency in the use of the same structure serves as a pillar of the theory of single authorship. ...
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