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Being a leader has to do more with nurturing the rest of people to grow in the areas relating to their spiritual growth. Michael, in his book, ‘leading, teaching and making disciples has described’ the various ways in which this can be achieved. He states that accomplishing this mission requires people to be trained and equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge.


The motive is to prepare people to lead and make disciples of leadership. This paper will discuss the five essential activities that Michael describes in the book. This will also entail describing how these five essential activities are implemented relative to the questions asked. This will also entail description of the principles that a leader should live by in order to accomplish the mission. The paper will then outline the lessons learnt regarding the leadership for discipleship subject to the author of the paper. The author will also include the impact of these lessons in relation to the leadership practices. Michael (2010, 23) states that a good theory is what promotes and develops good ideas, which can be, later translated into excellent practices in leadership. In his encounter with the youths and missionaries, he developed the five essential activities that should be implemented in order to answer the five questions asked by the youths. In order to answer the questions asked, Michael developed five questions that would help bring into light the questions the rest asked. The first question was relating to the Christian education. The consideration put forth was answering what Christian education entailed. ...
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