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Thought as a historic cultural tradition as well as with respect to topographical roots, Daoism is a native Chinese religion. It originates within Chinese culture and it is generally clearly grasped via Chinese language as well as interpretations of being.


Daoism is a ‘religion’ since it entails an orientation to as well as a relation with the hallowed. Furthermore, Daoism is a ‘tradition’ since it is a society of devoted practitioners linked to one another as a historic as well as energetic continuum (Esposito, Fasching, & Lewis, 2002, p. 498). The Dao is the ultimate or sacred interest of Daoists. There are 4 primary Dao characteristics: a) Source; b) Unnamable mystery; c) All-pervading sacred presence; d) Universe as an astral process (Nature). Additionally, the Dao is ineffable and impersonal. Through an impulsive, neutral procedure, the Dao shifted from primordial un-differentiation-differentiation (the patent realm). Daoists theology, therefore, emphasizes immanence and emanation.The Daoism religion has no founder or standard scripture. Diverse adherents, communities as well as movements worship different scriptures and individuals. Generally speaking, Master Lao (Laozi) receives veneration place, but Laozi is mythological and pseudo-historic. ...
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