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Name Professor Course Date Key Words: Eightfold path, Suffering Dukkha, Origin of suffering Samudaya, Cessation of suffering Nirodha, Path to cessation of suffering Magga, Buddha, Buddhism, Buddhism 1. Explain the meaning of the four Noble Truths These truths uphold the significance of Buddha’s’ teachings (Religions: Buddhism).


Based on his understanding, he believed the problem of suffering was much deeper than mere external appearance of what comprised life outside the palace (Religions: Buddhism). Buddha argued that, life is not as ideal as it seems because of failing to fulfill our expectations as human beings. In addition, he claimed worldly desires as well as carvings control the life of a human being. However, when they find satisfaction to the desires and cravings, this turns out being temporary or monotonous in their lives. Origin of Suffering In this phase, Buddha claimed to know what causes human suffering. He claimed the cause of human beings’ problems is much deeper than their immediate worries like thirst, hunger and pain (Religions: Buddhism). For instance, Buddha cited the root origin for all problems is desire Tanha (Religions: Buddhism). However, the latter comes in three forms, which he refers to as “The Three Fires or Three Roots of Evil”. ...
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