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Name: Instructor’s name: Subject: Date of submission: 2 The Bible introduces the main characters in the story of creation. These are God and a man. God is introduced as the Almighty Creator with the power to speak things into existence. The creation story teaches us that man was created from soil before God breathed into him.


The modern education system has not been able authoritatively refute that. The story explains the fall of man and the beginning of suffering. Morality is first introduced in through the fall of man when the serpent deceived Adam. The story shows that God keeps His word and promises. The life and occurrences after the fall of man set the stage for suffering. They also show why God had to redeem mankind. God introduced the Law of Moses to familiarize His nature to the children of Israel. The law revealed His preferences. However, the law never solved the problem of enmity between God and man. God had to send Jesus to come and be a sacrifice for the sin. Most of the ancient prophets left records which have been authenticated scientifically to be true. A telling example is the Dead Sea scrolls. This gives the Bible credibility and authority in the determination of the place of God in life. The story sets the stage for Godly fear in the coming generations. The creation story also teaches that man is created in the image and likeness of God. 3 The concept of God, creation and revelation suggest the attitude of God toward mankind. In creation, God is portrayed as the master willing to give to a man an ideal life. He is also explained as a disciplinarian willing to keep His Word. ...
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