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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: East Asian Religions It is undeniable that the East Asian regions have well defined and diverse religious structures that tend to be more or less similar in terms of beliefs and rituals. Some of the East Asian countries, which share these religious systems, are China, Japan, Vietnam, and Vietnam with the first two having more intricate and distinct belief systems.


Daoism, also known as Taoism, is one of the dominant religions in China with many features that enhance its uniqueness. Coined from the word Dao, which simply means the path, Daoism anchors on fundamental principles that give precedence to the way of the universe. Although Taoism as a religion has seen numerous changes over the years, the basic tenets that underpin the religion have always remained the same. It mainly delves on such beliefs systems as breathing, reflection, and recital of various verses that support it. Nothing much was introduced into the religion until the early twelfth century when such belief systems and fundamentals as abstinence and verse recitations during repentance (Bretzke 191). According to Coogan and Narayanan, Taoists are vegetarians, strongly holding on the belief that the combination of breathing and meditation promotes long life in humanity. The first unique feature in Taoism is the Tao that simply means the way. This means that Tao is the only being that deserves emulation, as it is the primary overseer of all living things (213). In this scenario, Taoists shun extremities in life and instead promote interdependence. ...
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