Summary of Images of Women in Early Buddhism and Christian Gnosticism

Summary of Images of Women in Early Buddhism and Christian Gnosticism Essay example
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NOTE: The labels are written in italics Part 1 Paragraph1, p. 95- Topic/background - there are many similarities between Eastern and Western religions which view women not perfect. -The paper mainly focuses on the claim by different authors that naturally, women’s bodies are not perfect.


95 problem The main problem addressed by the paper is: the paper seeks to obtain reasons why these negative attitudes towards women exist while it is known that they take an active role in their religious lives. This paragraph is important since it tries to show that women also take an active role in religious activities regardless of the perceptions held by men about them. Research question Why should these negative attitudes towards women persist when we know that women actively supported and participated in the religious life of both Buddhist and Gnostic communities? This is essential since it shows that the author has a point to advance to the readers as well as to get the answers why women are treated that way. Paragraph 3, p. 95 Both scriptures show that women are capable of seducing men to engage in sexual intercourse. This paragraph seeks to support the argument raised by the author that women are evil people. Paragraph 1, p.96 thesis -Both religions assume the wrong doing of women disrupted an otherwise perfect world. This thesis statement seeks to show that the author is of the view that women are responsible for human kind’s disgrace on earth. Paragraph 2, p.96 claims -The Buddhist myth posits to the effect that men’s disgrace came after he tasted food from the earth -this mainly contributed to the fall of humanity. ...
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