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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) protects rights of people on the basis of race, color, sex, and national origin. But there is another provision in the declaration which is not clear when it says “other status”.


Human beings have inherent rights that States – and the Church – have the responsibility to protect. These rights are innate in them from the time they are born and no state can deprive them of such fundamental rights (Yecies 790). The question is: Is being gay or homosexual a fundamental and inherent right that States or the Church has to protect? This is a question for many theologians and scientists to debate. If being gay or homosexual is an inherent right then the Church must protect homosexuals and permit same-sex marriage. But as they say, it is open for debate. One thing is certain though – homosexuals are human beings and they have the right to be a part of the church as homosexuals. The UDHR espoused “a Kantian right to equality and moral autonomy for every human person into the circle of the family”, and according to this notion of human rights, there is equality in power and responsibility between the family’s adult members no matter the sexual orientation. “In the human rights scheme, gender hierarchy is anathema” (Raday 211). ...
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