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Table of Contents Introduction 3 Early Christian Writers – Views of the Nature of God 5 The Arian Controversy and the Nicene-Athanasian Creeds 7 The Middle Ages 10 Alternative Views 14 Kenotic Christological Theories on the Incarnation 15 Conclusion 16 Bibliography 17 Introduction The belief that Jesus Christ was born, lived among people and died on the cross into our material world, and was subsequently resurrected from the dead, constitutes the very essence of Christianity1.


Thus, in the earliest state of Christianity, the Evangelists did neither elaborate on Jesus’s words “The Father and I are one”3 nor expound on the baptizing formula “in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”4; which, according to Dibb, indicates that they were more concerned with the message of salvation, rather than with the theological detail.5 On the other hand, identifying Jesus as Christ and linking Him to the Father (Lord), the New Testament writers not just suggested the fulfillment of Jewish expectations of the Messiah, but also His divine status – the latter being considered the central point that has made the uniqueness of Christianity6. All in all, the whole Christian tradition could be considered as “recording and interpreting various collective and individual experiences of Jesus”7; while the experiential knowledge of Jesus, in turn, became more or less the basis of ‘philosophy’ in the context of Christology89. ...
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