Theological Inquiry Christological Heresies Essay

Theological Inquiry Christological Heresies Essay Essay example
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Student’s Name Course Name Instructor’s Name Date Arianism The basis of Arianism rested on Jesus Christ’s divinity where Arius the priest that established the teachings, suggested that Jesus was not on at the same level of divinity as God or the Holy Spirit and questioned his relationship with God as well.


Athanasius of Alexandria strongly opposed these teachings and emphasized that Jesus Christ was indeed fully divine. Arius argued with the bishop Alexandria stating that Jesus Christ was not immortal and that he was the first creation of God. Arius’ ideas had a huge impact on the definition of Orthodoxy following several creeds, for instance with Jehovah Witnesses who are considered present day Arians. They present several Biblical arguments stating that Jesus Christ is not God (Fitzgerald 26-27). Arius being a presbyter insisted upon Jesus Christ’s inferiority to God and because Alexandria along with the Greek East was characterized by an intellectual climate, the argument widened and went on to reach the Emperor Constantine. Both sides- the Christian church and the Arians did not let up leading Constantine to call for imperial attention and thus the Council of Nicaea was convened. At this meeting, the framework for the official Orthodox Christianity came into being as over 200 bishops argued out the theological and philosophical language. The Council of Nicaea came to be regarded as a major event as it brought about the explanation of spiritual reality as the question of both the dogmatic definition and theological language was raised. ...
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