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Name: Student Number: Buddhism There are many interesting facts that ordinary people like us should learn about Buddhism. First, this religion contrary perhaps to what everybody knows considers Buddha as a teacher, not a god (O’Brien 30). In this religion, Buddha is the one who teaches someone a special education primarily on the principles on how to reach Nirvana.


This is achieved as a profound peace after a long process of liberation. In other words, Nirvana is the ultimate union with the Supreme Being (Hughes 38). Therefore, there will be tremendous ultimate joy in this experience, allowing an individual to be free from suffering and other related negative consequences of life. Unlike any other religions that have special time or day for their worship, Buddhism only considers its followers to go to the temples when they only have time or technically when they can (Brannen 30). However, in most of the time, Buddhists go to the temple on a full moon day (Guruge 60). In a temple, Buddhists find the best education for life. They call their temple a Vihara where there is a shrine room with large statues of Buddha and his disciples. A temple shows a complete manifestation of what Buddhism is all about. For instance, there are relics and available manuscripts about Buddhism found in the temple. Not only that. Considering the point that this place could be the best place for education, therefore there are remarkable rooms for lecture, meditation and library, respectively. Indeed, the temple itself showcases what Buddhism is all about and it is clear that it is in line with educating the people who primarily believe in the teachings of Buddha. ...
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