Rabbi Kushner Postulates. Essay example
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The presentation by Rabbi Kushner provides a number of key insights chief among them being an attempt to provide an answer for the age old question of why bad things tend to often happen to persons who can be presumed to be good people.


According to Kushner, it can essentially therefore be perceived to be rather impossible for one to be able to effectively answer this question as attempts to try and answer it generally result in the asking of more complex questions that cause people to start doubt in God or have wavering faith (WTVI 1985). Rabbi Kushner postulates that we are probably not asking the right question as we tend to mostly concentrate on asking the question of why. Why tends to more frequently dwell on the past as opposed to trying to establish a way forward. No matter how pious one might happen to be, it is not possible to change the past and we should instead concentrate on the future. In line with this, Rabbi Kushner theorizes that the answer to a question does not necessarily have to be a response, but it can instead be in the form of an explanation. Perhaps, the answer to the question on why bad things sometimes tend to happen to good people is that there is no solution to this answer as we live in an imperfect world. Question 2: There are three key terms that Rabbi Kushner postulates as being of critical importance if one is to be able to adequately discuss the problems relating to the everyday reality of human suffering and grief and the God of the Jewish revelation. ...
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